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Application Process

Each step must be completed before continuing to the next

STAGE I – Month 1-2



  • Main applicant and family members apply for the program by depositing a refundable down payment
  • Legal counsel will initiate the residency process


  • Pre-approval will be issued by the local German authorities
  • Pre-approval will be sent to the respective German embassy in the applicants' country of origin
  • Legal counsel opens an escrow account under the applicants' name
  • Applicant transfers the remaining balance to the escrow account within 14 days after receiving the pre-approval

STAGE II – Month 3

Temporary Residence


  • Applicant and family members apply for the D-Visa at their local German embassy - valid for 90 days
  • Issuance of D-Visa (valid for 90 days)
  • Applicants travel to Germany within 90 days and complete the residency application process with the local authorities

STAGE III – Year 3

Permanent Residence


  • Main Applicant and qualifying family members will be eligible for permanent residence after successfully completing 3 years of temporary residence

The German Entrepreneurial Residency Program is offered by SRG Real Estate Solutions ME Limited (“SRG”). The above timeline is an estimate provided for information purposes only based on experiences with past clients. Processing times and costs will vary depending on several factors. SRG is not responsible for any changes to the estimations above; we can provide specific time and cost estimates on an individual basis. Please refer to our website for the most up-to-date information