German Residence Visa Through The Entrepreneurial Program

Thinking of moving to Germany? A great choice indeed. The country has ample amount of opportunities to live, work and learn with resident welfare at its core.

However, have you thought about the exact procedures you need to follow to make this move happen. While any foreign individual with a valid German visa can settle down in the country, getting the right visa and through the right course matters just as much, to make your move easy.

Broadly speaking, there are three different ways to get a German residence visa. As the country is always in need of qualified professionals and skilled labour, a lot of people find it easier to apply for a work visa. However, there is a catch. German law doesn’t allow an individual to visit the country and look for a job. Ideally, a person has to apply for a job in Germany open for foreign nationals and get recruited for the opportunity. In this case, he or she can apply for a German work visa, which will offer them a chance to live and work in Germany.

Moving to Germany under a student visa is also an attractive one for individuals looking forward to higher education in the country. In this case, the initial student visa is valid only for 3 months, which must be changed to German residency visa, if the duration of studies is going above that.

German residency is also provided to entrepreneurs who are interested to engage in entrepreneurial activities in the country. The current law states that the applicant must have a business idea that has a beneficial impact on the country’s economy. He or she is further required to invest a minimum of EUR 1 Million. In such a case, the person will be eligible for a work permit and entrepreneur visa as long as the business is up and running.

 On maintaining an entrepreneurial activity for a minimum of 3 years, he or she is eligible for a permanent German residency visa.

German Entrepreneurial Residency Program 

The German Entrepreneurial Residency program is a unique opportunity, wherein an individual looking to move to Germany can apply for the entrepreneurial visa with 100% application success rate. The program is a stress-free path to secure a German residency visa, by creating multiple business opportunities in collaboration with local authorities. The program also brings exclusive off-plan real estate deals for the interested applicant.

On applying for the entrepreneurial residency visa, the main applicant must make an initial purchase of an off-plan real estate for around EUR 250,000. He or she will further have to engage in entrepreneurial activity in the country by investing EUR100,000 in upcoming development projects in Germany. Until the completion of the off-plan property, the main applicant must also rent a property in Germany to maintain a physical residential address to apply for the entrepreneurial visa. The 3-year temporary visa for the main applicant will be issued after 3 months of applying.

Unlike in the case of a normal entrepreneur visa, this program gives the main applicant to complete freedom of residency during the period of temporary residence visa. After completing 3 years under the temporary visa, the main applicant is eligible for a permanent visa, which can be further extended to spouse and children under the age of 18.

So, do you think that the German Entrepreneurial residency program is right for you? Connect with us today for more details.