German Residency: Your Best Choice At A Better Life

Germany is considered one of the economic powerhouses of the European Union. With the world’s 4th largest economy and known expertise in automobile manufacturing and engineering, the country has outperformed other EU nations for decades. The nation also enjoys a pro-business environment, world-class infrastructure, universal health care, exemplary education system, and sophisticated lifestyle.

If you are considering German residency and subsequent European citizenship, then this is the right time to take the next step. In this blog, we discuss the many benefits of moving to Germany and outline the best way for you to achieve this.

Why German Residency?

Germany is a country that has a lot to offer to anyone who is considering to make this great nation their new home. The country is well known for its most efficient production of high-tech products, including the manufacturing of many of the high-end automobiles in the world. A total of 53 companies belonging to the Fortune Global 2000 have their headquarters in Germany, where the top 5 are Allianz, Daimler, Volkswagen, Siemens and BMW. With its booming economy, the country is also a hotbed for investment in various industries such as automobiles, technology, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and real estate.

The nation is also a favorite destination among families due to the many perks that come along with German residency. From free and quality elementary education to access to some of the most prestigious schools and universities in Europe, German residency gives expat children equal opportunities to education. The country also has a very affordable health service, excellent travel infrastructure and high standards of living. With its reputation as a pro-migration country, Germany also has a large and diverse communities of expats from all around the world, adding to the cultural vibrancy of the nation.

Moving To Germany Under Entrepreneurial Residency Program

To ease your German residency process, SRG has formulated a unique Entrepreneurial residency program. This visa program fulfills the government’s criteria for obtaining an entrepreneurial visa by offering a unique opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activity within the country. Interested individuals can make the required investment in 2 parts as follows:

  • Purchase an off-plan real estate starting from  EUR 250,000.
  • Engage in entrepreneurial activity by investing EUR100,000 in upcoming development projects.

By maintaining a residential address and continuing with the entrepreneurial activity during the entire investment period, the individual will be eligible for a 3 year temporary visa, which is converted into a permanent visa in the 4th year. The program also covers the primary applicant’s dependent family.

On becoming a permanent resident, you will have the freedom to travel across 26 countries in the European Union, invest in German real estate and enjoy all the other benefits of living in Germany.

Interested to learn more about this unique program? Contact us today to take the first step towards your German residency.