How Understanding The Culture Can Make German Residency Easier?

Moving to a new country is an adventure for most people. The idea of living in a new place, meeting new people, trying local cuisine and falling into pace with the lifestyle of the new home can be very exciting. Many people opt for a German residency due to these reasons. However, this nation offers more than just the thrill of a new beginning.

Germany is a land of opportunities. As one of the founding members of the European Union, the nation enjoys great economic strength as well as political stability in the region. Germany is also known as a country that puts forth the wellbeing of its residents above all. German residents have access to efficient and affordable healthcare, compulsory school education for children, immense entrepreneurial opportunities and career opportunities with some of the world’s most leading automobile manufacturers and silicon valley companies.

While the prospects are great, becoming a true resident in the country comes with some effort. As a candidate who is looking forward to German residency, you must prepare yourself to understand the land and its way of living with an open heart. German culture is very unique and different from many other parts of the world. Although most of the cities follow a metropolitan lifestyle, the German culture and traditions are deeply ingrained into its people that they tend to stick to their roots. Let us examine some of these distinct factors that make Germany a great place to live:

Formal yet friendly

Germans are a group of very formal people. In all the right senses, this formality comes from their respect for fellow residents. They treat everyone, including expat residents with the same kind of respect and formality, which may surprise you at the beginning. As an expat, you must make sure to follow the same rules of respect and courtesies, which will help you build lifelong friendships with the people of Germany.

Work vs personal life

Germans are very particular about keeping their work and personal lives separate. They are quite private about their personal lives, which makes them keep their colleagues and workplace friendships confined to the offices. Understand that this is a practice that helps them maintain a perfect work-life balance and ensure than as a new German resident, you do not intrude on their privacy in any way.

Time is respect

Unlike the global value system, where people say ‘time is money’, Germans equate time to respect for their fellow men. In Germany, everyone strives to be punctual not because they have to, but because they want to. When you reach on time, it’s a sign of respect toward the person or work you have promised your time. Isn’t it an interesting thought?

Asking why

Germans build a sense of responsibility right from their childhood. They ask ‘why’ as their need to know is greater than need to get things done. An analytical discussion of a situation is always the primary concern in Germany rather than taking drastic steps without enough evidence. As new a German resident, it is necessary for you to understand this aspect while living in the country.

Quality above all

In a country where every product and service is quality assured above everything, this particular aspect doesn’t come as a surprise. Germans prefer to assure quality above all in every single thing they seek, see, buy, use or do. For instance, if you see a person investing in a dress or a car, they want it to be of top quality and expect it to stay in shape for years ahead. While opting for German residency through an Entrepreneurial residency program is a wise decision, understanding the country and its culture beforehand will help you settle comfortably. In a nutshell, Germans are amiable people who give respect and earn respect in everything they say or do. Be part of this wonderful culture by moving to Germany.