Is The German Entrepreneurial Residency Visa Right For You?

Everyone has different reasons to move out of their home country. Some look for a better lifestyle, others look for business or job opportunities, and some individuals simply want to have a new cultural experience.

If you are looking to move to Germany for business, then the German Entrepreneurial Visa Program is a great option for you. So what does this program entail? Let’s get into the details.

The Current System

As the most populous country in Europe and the fourth largest economy in the world, Germany is a powerhouse within the EU. The country has been patrons of science, arts and technology, with a reputation for precision and organization.

As a direct result of its unique position in the global market, Germany has enjoyed a strong and stable economy for the past decades. With its unique pro-business environment that fosters startups, many business owners and entrepreneurs are considering the country as a feasible destination to start their company.

Presently, the German Investor Program encourages foreign investments in existing businesses or the establishment of new ones, granting the investor German residency. Unlike in many other European nations where a purely financial investment guarantees citizenship, the investor visa is provided only to individuals who have furnished proof of their entrepreneurial engagement within the country. 

The applicants can invest 1 Million Euro to start a new business or assume control of an existing one. The business must further create 10 new jobs for German citizens. Upon establishing the business, the investor and his immediate family members can apply for temporary residency permits.

However, the business must function profitably for a minimum of 3 years, after which, in the fourth year, the investor is eligible to apply for permanent residency. Under this program, the applicants must also learn the language and gain knowledge of the German culture, in the first 5 years of their residency.

Although this is a great opportunity for business owners to establish themselves in Germany and get their permanent residency, stringent rules are controlling its success rate. This is where our visa program comes in. 

Entrepreneurial Residency Visa Program

This unique program grants German residency under Section 21 of the German Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz, AufenthG). Unlike the general investor visa, this program has fewer requirements that may restrict your current business activities. 

The program requires the applicant to do investments in two parts. The first part involves the purchase of an off-plan real estate starting from EUR 250,000. The second part involves an investment of EUR100,000 in upcoming development projects in the country. The program doesn’t require you to physically move to Germany or learn the language, and it ensures a fast-track application process supported by legal counsel. The program also brings a network of exclusive off-market real estate deals and create multiple business opportunities in close cooperation with the local authorities.

While the 3 year temporary visa of the main applicant is converted to permanent visa in the fourth year as per the law, the program guarantees a 100% success rate in terms of getting the residency.

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