Life In Germany: Why Germany Is The Preferred European Country For Your Family

Everyone has different ideas about living a comfortable life. People look into a lot of things when it comes to moving to a new country and starting a new life. When we talk about countries and how attractive they are to potential residents, German residency is one of the most coveted moves that people look forward to. 

But why is this country, that lies in the Central and Western Europe a favoured living destination for a lot of people? In this blog, we will explore the many reasons that make German residency a desirable choice for starting a new life.

Germany: The Land of Poets And Thinkers

Business in Germany

Historically, Germany has always been a land of great intellectual wealth. Over the centuries, the country has seen its ups and downs and still grew to be one of the most resilient nations in the world. Today, Germany is the world’s fourth largest economy by nominal GDP, a global leader in several technological and industrial domains and boasts of a high standard of living. The country also provides social security, has a highly efficient and universal healthcare system, world-class free education and excellent travel infrastructure.

Apart from the high standard of living the country offers, it is also renowned for being a hotbed for investments. Most of the world’s biggest corporations have a substantial presence in the country, making it a great destination for business owners and entrepreneurs to start their latest ventures.

The pro-business ecosystem has to lead to investors from across the globe to flock towards the country, creating diverse, multicultural communities throughout the country. 

Why Opt for German Residency?

German Neighborhood

Germany is one of the founding members of the European Union, which gives its citizens and residents immense opportunities to lead a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle. Foreign nationals who are interested in German residency can opt for programs like the German Entrepreneurial Residency and secure a great life for themselves as well as their families.

There are many reasons for you to consider Germany as your new home. Let us look into some of them-

Streets in Germany

The Cities And Neighborhoods

One of the perks of life in Germany is undoubtedly it’s safe and secure neighbourhoods. The neighbourhoods are well connected to the nearest cities and city centres through one of the world’s best transportation systems. The cities offer a lot of options for families to visit, shop and dine out, and showcases a classic German lifestyle despite the cultural mixing that has happened to the country over the years. With honest and helpful citizens and a low crime rate, the country is a safe haven to start a new life with your family.


The Education System

The German education laws clearly state that all children are entitled to 9 years of compulsory education in the country. Although the classes are normally taught in the German language, expats have the opportunity to let their children go to an international school or let them go to a German public school, starting from a young age.

The country is also home to some of the prestigious schools and universities in Europe, giving all German residents, including expat students equal chances to excellent higher education.

The Healthcare System

The German healthcare system offers comprehensive services to all. The country offers public and private health insurance to its citizens and even foreign residents, with which they can avail the best healthcare services in the country. Expats who are under German residency program can avail the private health insurance to access the benefits that come with it. 

The Real Estate

For most Germans, living quarters is a long term investment. For this reason, the German real estate prices have remained moderate, when in comparison with other nations in the European Union. While the demand for choice locations remains high, there are fewer market fluctuations in the German real estate industry. Further, there are no restrictions for a foreign investor to buy a property in Germany. This adds to the appeal of the country for many investors who see the many benefits of owning a property in the country. 

German residency is not something people consider on a whim. The country is undoubtedly a place for anyone who is looking for a new and better life in the European Union.