Moving To Germany: 7 Things You Should Take Care Of Before The Move

Have you decided to make Germany your new home?

We say you made the right choice. Germany is a great nation that has a lot to offer to expat residents looking to start a new life. The country has a strong and booming economy which is pro-business and offers a lot of opportunities to establish your own business or even finding good job opportunities. Germany is also renowned for its education system that offers free and mandatory education to all the children in the country, along with equal opportunities to apply for prestigious schools and universities later on. The country is considered a haven for settling down with families due to its affordable healthcare system, excellent transportation and high standards of living.

Applying for your German Entrepreneurial Residency Visa with us is the first step you should take to move to Germany. But what happens when the time comes for you and your loved ones to move to this new country? What are the things you should take care of back in your home land? 

In this blog, we have listed 7 important things you must take care of in your home country before moving to Germany.

Make copies of all necessary documents

Moving to Germany is a big step, which is why you should be prepared for both the best and worst during your transition. Before you physically move to the country, take copies of all your necessary documents such as passports, birth certificates, medical records, health insurance, marriage certificate, and driving license, in case the original copy is lost by accident. This will help you to explain to the authorities and navigate through the country till the documents can be replaced. 

Store, sell and donate your things

When you are planning to move out of the country, it is essential to know all things you need to take with you to your new home and what should be left behind. When you are moving to a country like Germany, it is necessary to determine what  things can be reused from your old furniture and appliances and what cannot. Do your research first and make a list of things that you need to store, sell or donate.

Pack and ship your belongings

Once you decide on the things that can be taken with you while moving to Germany, pack and ship them accordingly. It is best to call professionals who can ship overseas to pack and move your belongings rather than working on them alone. This will ensure that all your belongings are organized and packed well so that there is a least number of cargo boxes that need to be shipped.

Sell or rent out your home

If you own a house in your home country, you can either sell or rent it out when you move out of it. Get the help of a real estate broker to place your house for lease/sale, so that it will have a tenant without delay.

Turn off the utilities

Utilities like electricity, water and telephone connections must be turned off before moving to Germany. Most companies require the utility bills to come in the name of tenants rather than house owners as they are the end-users of these facilities. So ensure that the electricity, water and telephone has been disconnected and the bills paid in full before moving out.

Inform your existing bank

Inform your bank about your move. Visit your branch office personally to ensure that the employees are aware of your absence from the country. Close your existing accounts before moving to Germany, especially if the move is final.

Health check-up and immunizations

Before moving to Germany, it will be really helpful if you do a complete health checkup and get the necessary immunizations. Protecting yourself against potential allergies or diseases will help you settle into the country easily.

Make arrangements for your first night in Germany

Under the entrepreneurial residency visa, it is mandatory for you to have a permanent address in Germany to get your visa. However, it may not always be the case that you will move into the place directly on landing in the country. This is why you should think of an alternative accommodation option for your first night in the country.

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