Your Gateway To Germany

Comprehensive Business Services

Through our partnership with local agencies, SRG offers businesses access to Germany and the rest of Europe.

The International Business Center Solingen or well known as IBCS has decades of international business relations and worldwide contacts that create the
basis for regular exchange between local businesses and foreign business people.The market knowledge and entrepreneurial contacts of the IBCS partners create improved market access for interested founders in Solingen.

Together with its partners, the IBCS makes the location of Solingen more attractive for foreign businesses and generates added economic value for Solingen.

Comprehensive Business Services


business services

  • Enhancing cooperation between local corporations and business contacts
  • Foster import and export relationships of local business
  • Counseling in questions of financing insurance and compliance
  • Gaining additional value through Greenfield investments.

business meetings

  • Semiannual “Visitation-Days” for foreign investors, start-ups and businessmen/women
  • Guide through Solingen and surrounding region.
  • Presenting investment possibilities and interconnecting with local authorities


  • Acquisition of start-up capital in all growth stages.
  • Coordination of mentorship programs for each of the core sectors to support in product development and offer market access for sales.
  • Assistance in finding qualified employees by partnering with local services and head hunters.